Monday, 25 November 2013

                                                         A Fishing Disaster                                                                          

All I could hear was the water drumming in my ear as I desperately tried to reach the surface. I just kept sinking. Everything went black. I knew it I was drowning...

I awoke to the sound of a helicopter. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet they were sore and full of water, I tried but I struggled.  Then I heard voices, “I think she’s waking up sir.”

 “All right boss.” I only knew was that they were two men.

After a minute or two, I opened my eyes I was covered with warm blankets and towels from my feet up to my shoulders. I saw a lady in a white outfit she looked like a doctor. I tried to speak, but the salty water was still stuck in my throat. I got up. There was a woman. By now I felt practically normal and she started asking me questions. Her name was Jade. She asked me to recount what just happened, I had so many questions. But I told her this.

“I was on the boat at the time.” She interrupted me. “Who’s boat?”

“My friend Rosie and her dad Roger.”

“oh, they were the two who drove the boat to safety. Carry on.”

 “I heard a crashing sound. I ran to the deck and saw what had made the noise. I yelled, quick grab the life jackets! My friend and her dad were on the boat with me.  The boat made a sudden jolt and flung me overboard. I heard Roger call my name then I don’t remember anything except sinking. If only I had a life jacket on. I would have been fine.”

No matter how good you are at swimming or how strong you are Hiwi the Kiwi told you to put a life jacket on.

Also when you go fishing remember the limit of fish, the salted ice, and the emergency kit.

This was a fiction based story.

Written by Flora Devonshire

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Calendar Art

Calendar Artwork

Here is my calendar artwork. I hope you like it.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Scavenger hunt for history

On Tuesday the 6th of August the year 6 students of HNPS went on a scavenger hunt for history. It was based around Havelock North. After the hunt room 5 was asked to write a newspaper article as if we were a reporter. This is my one.